COLOUR MILLBooster (Flo-Coat) 20ml

COLOUR MILLBooster (Flo-Coat) 20ml

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This booster acts as a colour enhancer when added to any conventional gel colours or pastes. Once added, it emulsifies, helping your colour to disperse and dye more evenly throughout a fat-rich medium. It also increases fluidity in chocolate, working as a similar way to cocoa butters.

As well as enhancing the colour and making your cake creations look amazing, it's also a super cost-effective way of making your food colourings go further. By adding booster to your colours, less is required to use in the long-run. 

Booster is 100% edible and approved for use in the EU. It comes in a bottle with a squeeze-top dispenser lid for accurate dispensing. 

Available in 20ml and 100ml.

glycerol E422, emulsifier & stabiliser: lecithin E322

Allergen Information:
✔ Allergen Free
✔ Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
✔ Suitable for Kosher Diet
✔ Suitable for Halal Diet